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About Repwise Group


Daniel Lemin
Founder & Principal

Repwise Group is led by Daniel Lemin. He brings extensive experience with executive communications, online reputation management and corporate digital communications. His expertise in online reputation threats and attacks dates back to his early years on Google’s global communications team, where he gained foundational knowledge about hacker communities, white hat and black hat SEO, and the dark web. 

He conducted extensive research in the space for his first book, Manipurated, to unmask the world of fake reviews. Daniel studied cybersecurity and open source intelligence (OSINT) as attacks on client reputations have grown in velocity and sophistication, and remains active in those communities. He has also served as an expert witness to the legal community on fake reviews and brand attacks.

He is a highly sought-after public speaker, and two-time bestselling author and expert on online reputation, digital marketing, ratings and reviews, and word-of-mouth (Manipurated and Talk Triggers). He holds an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business & Technology, an MA in communication and leadership from Gonzaga University, and a BA in communication from Ohio Northern University.

Daniel's multifaceted skill set and depth of knowledge position him as a trusted authority in navigating the complexities of modern reputation management and digital communications.

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